The purpose of these shaders is to make the rendering of photorealistic image accessible.
gShader is its own custom GI engine, the fact that there is (almost) no settings would make them difficult to use in a production environment but makes it easy to get good rendering in one click.
 Unzip the file you downloaded.
 Copy"gShaders"and""to C:/Documents and Settings/user/My Documents/maya/2011/scripts/.

You should see each shader in the hypershade. You can also open the gShadersGlobalControl from the menu gShaders→gShaderGlobalControl.


gMaterial Attributes

Parameter Description
gMaterial Bump Connect your Maya Bump 2d here
Glossy Refraction and Reflection glossiness, the bigger the blurier(0.000 ~ 1.000)
Transparency Fresnel Transparency Fresnel(0.000 ~ 1.000)
Transparency Transparency color, connect a texture here.(if you set a gamma in the gLens, the inverse operation will be applied here)
IOR Index Of Refraction
Refract(Check Box) uncheck if you have a one face object (no thickness)
Reflection Fresnel Reflection Fresnel(0.000 ~ 1.000)
Reflection Reflection color, connect a texture here.(if you set a gamma in the gLens, the inverse operation will be applied here)
Diffuse Diffuse color, connect a texture here.(if you set a gamma in the gLens, the inverse operation will be applied here)
Incandescence Incandescence color, connect a texture here.



From the HyperShade, create mentalRay→enviroment→gEnviroment. Connect the create node to the Camera MentalRay tab→Environment Shader.

gEnviroment Attributes

Parameter Description
gEnvironment Map The environment map
Intensity The environment map intensity
Rotate The environment map rotation
Primary Visibility Disable if you don't want to see the environment in the background.
Connect To mentalray IBL

Click on this button to connect the gEnvironment Shader to mentalray IBL.





From the HyperShade, create mentalRaymay→Lenses→gLens. Connect the created node to the camera MentalRay tab→Lens Shader.

gLens Attributes

Parameter Description
gLens Gamma LensGamma(it will automaticaly affect the gMaterial Diffuse, Reflection, Transparency)
Sampling Level The sampling quality, the more sample, the less noise but the longer render time.
Falloff Reflection、 Refraction falloff distance
Dof Angle

depth of field angle (in degree)

Dof Distance distance to the depth of field focus plane
Fish Eye fish eye lens





From the gShaders menu, select gShadersGlobalControl

gShadeGlobalControl description

Parameter Description
gShadeGlobalControl SetOptimizedRenderSettings Optimize RenderSettings automaticaly
SetOptimizedShaderSettings Optimize gMaterial parameters automatically
SetOptimizedLightSettings Optimize all the lights parameters automatically
Keep Aspect

aspect on/off(linked to RenderSettings MaintainWidth/Height)

ImageWidth/Height Render image Width/Height(linked to RenderSettings Width/Height)

Presets for gShaders(Preview, Low, Medium, Production, Dof, Custom)


RenderSettings Sample settings. Usually you get better results with fixed sampling.

Multi-PixelFilter RennderSettings PixelFilterType
Reflections Reflection Level -> RenderSettings Reflection Level
Refractions Refraction Level -> RenderSettings Refraction Level
MaxTraceDepth RenderSettings MaxTraceDepth
Create gEnvironment

It will create and connect a gEnvironment to mentalray IBL(mentalray IBL will not be used during rendering)

Create gLens gLens creation
RelationEditor gEnvironment、gLens connections

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